We are hiring
IctQ is looking for new staff members
Our team of consultants is the best in their area of expertise.
We have some of the best developers available for any project.
Security Specialists
Our security specialists will find any vulnerabilities.
ICT Support Specialist
We have some of the best support specialist available worldwide in any country. So therefore in any timezone.
IctQ is looking for brilliant new staff members from all over the world for projects in the Netherlands. It’s not necessary to move your whole life to a different country. Because IctQ is a company where everyone can work from everywhere and at any time. If you prefer to work in the evening, or early in the morning it’s all possible.

Why choose us?

Defined by our People

Our staff are people from all walks of life but are outstanding in the area of expertise.

Defined by our results

We always get to the goal we have set at the beginning of a project.

Powered by Knowledge

Together we have all the knowledge we need, and our team shares this knowledge with you as a client.

Welcome to IctQ

Welcome to the home of IctQ, we founded this company in 2018, because we wanted to do something different. During the summer of 2018, we have heard several stories of people for all walks of life, and these stories form the basis of this company, and by starting this adventure a long life dream while becoming true. It will for sure not be an easy road ahead, but sometimes you will have to take a change instead of for always keep wondering about the “what if.” At the moment we are taking small steps to start this adventure, and we hope we can start building soon. IctQ is taking a completely different approach in finding selecting staff members. We take a different look at people and where they come from, we don’t want that very expensive consultant or security specialist who went to school for so many years. We are still at the beginning of our adventure and are always updating this website and our social media channels. So be sure to check back in the future. So you can determine if the DNA of this company matches the ingredients for your project.

We have 18 years experience in ICT Consultancy

No matter the challenge, our team can conquer it all.

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We are hiring!
IctQ is looking for skilled people from around the world. It doesn't matter where you are from.
Founded IctQ B.V.
On 4th of October, IctQ B.V. was founded in the Netherlands.